About us

La Ferme Caminoix 

La Ferme Caminoix is a new agricultural enterprise located in Val-Des-Monts. Our vegetables grow at the foot of a mountainous maple grove in a country landscape 15 minutes from Gatineau, and only 30 minutes from the Ottawa Parliament. Our family has fallen in love with this fertile 290 acre land where we are proud to grow our vegetables while preserving the beauty of the landscape. Our goal is to enhance the flavour of our food by focusing on freshness and selecting seeds that are adapted to our climate. We carefully choose the time of harvest to pick either young, tender and delicate vegetables, or fruits and vegetables that are perfectly ripe for their sweet flavor. 

Our vegetables are great tasting, but that’s not all. Regardless of what we do, the protection of our environment and of our soil is our number one priority. 

La Ferme CaminoixIt is a story of love for our nature and our beautiful landscapes. 

Our team: 

  • Co-owners, Véro and Justin. 
  • Their children Alexe Hélène and Flavie Jeanne. 
  • The grand parents, Noëlla and Jean.  
  • And a great support team composed of our large family!