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Anicet honey

Classic | Summer Honey

Classic | Summer Honey

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Classic | Summer Honey

Harvested in late July

*Honey color, taste and texture may vary from one harvest year to the next. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Organic honey certified by Québec Vrai

Dominant flower : Clover

Complementary flowers: Milkweed, sweet clover, alfalfa, bramble and vetch

Our first-harvest honey has beautiful notes of wild berries, cherries and other flowers. Tasty taste of green apple and beeswax with a hint of candy cane!

Taste description

With its fine, delicate taste, summer honey is a veritable floral explosion on the palate. Primarily derived from the blossoms of white clover, linden, crucifer and raspberry, it is also composed of a multitude of wild flowers that adorn the Upper Laurentians during the month of July. At times, there's also an invigorating, minty freshness that has its origins in the nectar of the linden tree. The harvest is sometimes also composed of honeydew, making it a slightly darker color with a slight caramelized taste.

Flavours and matches

Taste | Delicate and floral

Absolutely delectable, with delicate floral notes. It goes wonderfully well with yogurt, cheese, morning toast or any good homemade recipe that calls for sweetness.


Keep your jar of honey in a cupboard, away from light, even if it has been opened. As honey contains natural antibiotics, it is a very stable food. After a while, it can undergo transformations (phase changes). From a liquid, honey can become more solid. Its appearance will change, and its taste may alter. A honey that has been open for a long time, but is still "edible", will no longer taste the same.


Honey keeps forever! We recommend that you consume it within 2 years of harvesting. Like all foods, honey is a commodity whose nutrients must be preserved. Here are the ideal conditions for optimal preservation.

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